Poloniex: bad news.

Like other exchanges, including Binance and Bitfinex, Poloniex joins the list of those who cannot trade with users in the United States.

Poloniex: bad news.

You cannot create new accounts for users in the United States, and those users who already had an account open in the exchange will have time until December 15, 2019 to withdraw their funds. However, as of November 1, the US accounts. UU. They will no longer be able to carry out any type of cryptocurrency trading within the platform.

Justin Sun behind the acquisition of Poloniex?

To all this is added the news that the Poloniex company changed its company's name to Polo Digital Assets, Inc. They reported that "The new company will have the full support of an important Asian investment group, which intends to focus in the needs of global cryptocurrency traders. " This announcement aroused the speculation of the entire community, as many claim that whoever is behind this "important Asian investment group" would be nothing more and nothing less than the creator of the Tron cryptocurrency, Justin Sun.

However, Justin Sun has responded to the community with a tweet that says "he is not buying anything" and points out that: "Just invest a little and help my friends. I actually have a huge bag of $ BNB, $ HT, $ OKB, etc., and bet on all exchanges that support $ TRX and $ BTT. " According to an article published in the news portal The Block, Sun would be the leader of the investment consortium and even personally appeared in the headquarters of Circle (global financial services company of which Poloniex is a part).