NVIDIA launches proposal to help with COVID-19

One of the world's largest chipmakers, NVIDIA, has released a proposal to its users that is intended to assist with research related to COVID-19.

NVIDIA launches proposal to help with COVID-19

Donations from "gamers"

NVIDIA, the world's leading chip maker, has launched a proposal to fight the Crownvirus pandemic. The initiative was published on Reddit and involves all users making donations of GPU computing power that they are not using to distribute it to an international processing power network. The objective of these donations is to promote the investigation of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Other companies in the gaming industry, such as Razer and Intel Gaming, joined the NVIDIA proposal. The proposal is clearly aimed at "gamers" but participation is also open to anyone who wants to contribute, including mining farms that have a high processing rate.

The global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues and forced almost all governments in the world to take strong measures to prevent its spread. Researchers around the world are working to develop a vaccine that protects people from COVID-19, so the NVIDIA initiative primarily seeks to support this cause.