Nicolas Maduro announces crypto wallet Trazor

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced by television media the development of a crypto hardware that supposedly has been developed by the company Trazor. Trazor, for its part, is unaware of its participation in the development of the supposed crypto hardware.

Nicolas Maduro announces crypto wallet Trazor

The company has made a publication in its official tweeter account in which they claim not to know about President Maduro's announcements and that they will investigate the matter: "To clarify the situation, we have no official resellers in Venezuela (http: // trezor. io / resellers /) and we didn't know about the technology fair either. We're investigating this issue."

What did Trazor say?

The company that met Nicolas Maduro introduced himself as the representative of Trazor in Venezuela, and her name is Trazorvenezuela. Trazor has issued a statement confirming his absence at the cryptocurrency fair promoted by Nicolas Maduro in the city of Caracas. However, they have clarified that the company Trazorvenezuela was a distributor authorized by the company in 2018 but that they have been removed from the list of official resellers in June 2019 due to their inactivity.

Maduro drives Petro

For its part, the Venezuelan government tries to boost its official cryptocurrency Petro (PTR), which has failed to gain investor confidence despite Maduro claiming that the cryptocurrency is backed by oil. This November 6, Maduro announced that the Petro cryptocurrency will be used soon for the purchase and sale of products.