New FTX futures for the US presidential elections

After the launch of TRUMP, FTX announced that it will launch five new products for the 2020 presidential elections in the United States.

New FTX futures for the US presidential elections

The future of the elections

The crypto-derivative exchange, FTX, recently announced the launch of a futures product called "TRUMP" for the 2020 presidential elections. Today FTX announced that they plan to launch five additional futures products: BERNIE (Bernie Sanders), BIDEN (Joe Biden) , Elizabeth Warren (WARREN), Pete Buttigieg (PETE) and BLOOMBERG (Mike Bloomberg).

An FTX representative said: "What we are about to launch are similar contracts for the top five Democratic candidates." The launch date of the new products has not been confirmed, however the FTX representative says that in the coming days they would be launched.

After the launch of the futures trading product called TRUMP, he had an extremely positive reaction. Due to the success of TRUMP, FTX decided to launch the five new products that will have the same TRUMP trading structure (we explain it in this post).

With regard to regulations, FTX is being very cautious and has banned TRUMP trading for regions such as Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom and even the United States. The FTX representative explained: "Basically we don't want to go beyond what we can do there, so unfortunately we had to restrict the jurisdictions in which we could offer this. I think in the future, obviously, the more excited people are, We will be more motivated to try to offer it in more and more places.  Whether that means getting, or at least investigating, what licenses would be relevant to it in different places. "