New bearish day for Bitcoin

October 23 joins the long list of those days when the price of Bitcoin has a sudden and abrupt fall. In just a few minutes, the price fell around USD 500 and unleashed the nervousness of those who see that dream far from returning to the desired USD 20,000.

 New bearish day for Bitcoin

The reasons for the fall are still unclear. What was quite clear is that several days ago the price of the BTC / USD was showing signs of weakness, especially with the great resistance that could not exceed around USD 8,300.

What do analysts expect for the next few days?

As always, Bitcoin price analysts are divided into those who believe that the price has reached a key support and that it is time for Bitcoin to "take off" and those who believe that we are still in a process of price correction that even we It would lead even lower. It seems that most analysts agree on the second vision, that is, a bearish view of the price.

The truth is that many people see falls and red candles a totally pessimistic situation. However, for those more experienced investors, these declines represent opportunities either to enter positions (short or long) or to accumulate Bitcoins aiming at a long-term investment. The important thing is not to lose your temper, think with a "cold head" and find out the best you can to make the best decisions within this market so volatile and with so much potential at the same time.