Medical insurance companies experiment with the Blockchain

Anthem, the second largest health insurance company in the United States, announced on December 12 that it planned to use Blockchain technology to improve the safety of its members' medical data.

Medical insurance companies experiment with the Blockchain

Blockchain in the health industry

The main characteristic of the Blockchain technology is the security and reliability that it grants on the information stored in the network. It is precisely that quality that has attracted the attention of the main companies (such as Medicalchain, MediBloc and Quras) that seek to improve the security of their users' data.

The founder of Quras, Shigeki Kakutani, is very optimistic about the role that Blockchain technology will play in the healthcare industry: "Blockchain technology can not only secure the medical data of consumers, but can also be used to share medical data reliably among several vital actors for the health industry, including health care providers, insurance companies, medical associations, government agencies and patients themselves. Blockchain allows consumers to securely own their health information. health and make them available to the necessary parts as needed.Technology, combined with the IoT (Internet of Things, Internet of Things) devices that can be worn and DNA data, can create a unique health profile and unified of the person."

But in addition to the security that Blockchain technology gives to data, medical insurance companies also seek to benefit from the integrity that the Blockchain provides to data. The integrity that the Blockchain provides consists in the fact that no one can delete or change the information that appears on the network and this feature is very important for historical medical data, allowing doctors to access the patient's complete medical history and thus obtain more information for proper attention.