MakerDAO enters the gaming industry

MakerDAO, the platform behind stablecoin Dai, has announced the launch of a rewards program for game developers that integrate Dai into them.

 MakerDAO enters the gaming industry

Blockchain in the gaming industry

The organization behind stablecoin Dai, MakerDAO, is bidding for Dai to be incorporated into video game economies as a real parameter of the value of the dollar. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more ground in the gaming industry and now MakerDAO offers a Dai gaming initiative rewards program that aims to incentivize development within the world of video games using Dai to obtain rewards.

The development of blockchain games brings with it a new category of crypto assets that are known as non-expendable tokens (NFT), which have as their fundamental characteristic their unique and collectible properties that make these assets a very appropriate product for games. The creator of the popular Facebook game FarmVille, Eric Schiermeye, has announced that he is developing a blockchain-based gaming platform called Gala Network through the Blockchain Game Partners company, of which he is founder and CEO. The platform will allow players to have full ownership of the blockchain-based gaming items that will be represented as non-expendable tokens.

MakerDAO wants to expand the use of Dai in the online gaming markets. For this they have announced the launch of a reward program that will be divided into four categories: first, a 5,000 DAI award will be awarded to the best integration of DSR in a game, or Dai saving rate, which is a feature that allows Dai holders earn dividends from blocking their tokens in a smart contract. Second, 2,500 DAI will be awarded for the best game experience in the "player versus player" mode. Third, 2,500 DAIs will also be awarded in prizes for the best player experience against evil. And finally, 1,500 DAI will be awarded as a prize for the most creative integration of Dai in a game.