Libra continues to develop

Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra, continues to develop despite the legal obstacles it has suffered since the birth of the project

 Libra continues to develop

Michael Engle, developer of the Libra Association, has revealed that so far 51,000 transactions have been recorded since September. In a blog post, Engle said: "Until the launch of the main network, the best and fastest way to demonstrate the functionality of the Libra network and provide early access to developers around the world is through our pre -mainnet The pre-network facilitates and speeds up the testing, troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution of extreme software cases.A measure of our success at this stage is the number of nodes that are active in the pre-network principal".

Legal regulations: a big problem

During June of this year, the launch of the Libra project was announced. Since its inception, Libra has faced major legal obstacles to obtaining the corresponding approvals from the world's regulatory authorities.

The obstacles of regulations facing the project have had consequences: some of its most important members such as Paypal, Visa and MasterCard have withdrawn from the Libra Association in recent months. However, despite all these setbacks, the Libra project has not stopped developing.