Kadena: the hybrid blockchain

JPMorgan's blockchain veterans, Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, lead the development of Kadena: a hybrid blockchain that promises to solve the scalability problem.

Kadena: the hybrid blockchain

Hybrid blockchain

JPMorgan's blockchain subsidiary, Kadena, has developed a public blockchain based on Proof-of-Work that includes complete transactions and the ability to write smart contracts.

Stuart Popejoy, co-founder and president of Kadena, reported that the blockchain allows the connection of a public chain with a private network, which is why it is the first hybrid blockchain platform in the industry. According to Kadena developers, the hybrid blockchain can process 750 transactions per second, which is far superior to the capacity of Bitcoin or Ether that are capable of processing only 7 to 15 transactions per second. The executive Martino explained that the scalability achieved by Kadena is because its mainnet is composed of "10 times the number of chains in a single network than any Layer 1 protocol that has been seen before."

Martino says they plan to expand the network in the near future: "If we had launched 1000 chains, people would not be able to visually understand the magnitude of the innovation that Kadena is bringing to the market. We will upgrade to a larger network for a larger scale in the second quarter, probably 100 chains, but for now, 10 chains provide and illustrate our unique value."