Illegal crypto mining farms in China

Nearly 7,000 crypto mining machines have been confiscated by the Chinese authorities. According to a report from CCTV, a local news channel, the machines were confiscated for illegal consumption of electricity.

 Illegal crypto mining farms in China

China fights against illegal use of energy

The confiscation of the crypto mining machines was carried out in the district of Kaiping, in the city of Tangshan, and was carried out by the Tangshan police in conjunction with the State Department of Electrical Energy. According to Chinese authorities, more than 70,000 homes were inspected, as well as mines, factories, yards and villages.

The investigation began in April 2018, in which a total of 6,890 ASIC miners and 52 high-power transformers were confiscated. According to police authorities' reports, the machines were operating 24 hours a day and were supplied with stolen electricity from a nearby town.

China is the country with the highest hashrate

All of the miners in China account for 66% of the global hash rate and the main problem is the illicit use of energy by crypto mining. In early December, Abkhazia authorities have reported significant increases in the load on electricity networks and believe that illegal crypto farms are primarily responsible for the problem.

The Chinese government is working to identify crypto mining ganges and offer great rewards for those who provide important information about farms.