Decrypto donates 30% of its commission income, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced a donation of 30% of the commission income for the month of April.

Decrypto donates 30% of its commission income

The crypto philosophy, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced a donation of 30% of the commission income for the month of April. The recipient of the donation is a non-profit organization based in Argentina, called Banco de Alimentos, which provides food aid to those most in need. It is estimated that with the total donation, it is guaranteed that about 100 children and young people will be able to eat twice a day for 30 continuous days.

** Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known Bitcoin expert, spoke about the role that cryptocurrencies will have in the countries of Latin America.

Javier Lanusse, co-founder of Decrypto, explained the causes of the idea and some details of the objectives as a company: “In the background, Decrypto's mission is to be a socially responsible company, that wants to create impact, that cares about what is happening around it. In the immediate term, there is also a concern from the partners of the company. The situation is really difficult for many people, and the truth is that it is difficult to turn your face and remain unchanged in the face of the neighbor's suffering. ” The expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious economic problems throughout the world, however those countries that already had fragile economies before the pandemic are the ones that are suffering the most. This is the case of Argentina, which faces a pandemic with high rates of poverty, inflation and falls in wages. In this context, some companies voluntarily decide to collaborate to reverse this dramatic situation, as is the case with Decrypto.

** Martin Redrado said that a digital currency would help Argentina cope much better with the great economic crisis it is experiencing.

Finally, Lanusse expresses his optimism for the crypto community revealing what his fundamental principles are: “The crypto movement is exciting, it is full of intelligent, supportive people. In solidarity with the one who is part of this, in solidarity with the new one who has just entered this world and in solidarity with the one who does not yet know about this world. Members of this ecosystem like disruption and innovation, equal opportunity, and hope. It is such a rebellious and dreamy ecosystem that it wants and believes that it can positively change everything it touches.”