Chainlink adds a new partner

Chainlink announced the partnership with Hdac Technology with the primary goal of improving the security of the oracles that connect external data to public blockchains.

Chainlink adds a new partner

Chainlink develops quickly

One of the leading providers of blockchain technology, Chainlink, has partnered with a blockchain startup, called Hdac Technology, founded by Dae Sun Ching, Ceo of Hyundai, one of the world's largest automakers. The news was published on Chainlink's official Twitter on March 11. Chainlink specializes in the connection between external data sources and blockchains publishes safely and reliably.

The objective of the business association is to work together on the development of a data delivery system outside the blockchain that is intended to strengthen the execution of smart contracts. This is the biggest problem that smart contracts have to function properly and is intended to be solved through what are known as "blockchain oracles". A blockchain oracle is a basic component of smart contracts that has the function of providing physical or off-chain data that is necessary for a smart contract to run when the terms of the contract are met. These data can be, for example, train schedules, flights, etc.

Partnering with Hdac will allow Chainlink to integrate Hdac's decentralized applications with its Oracle middleware system to achieve secure access to data outside of the blockchain, which will allow the blockchain to communicate with external systems in a secure way. Chainlink will use the efforts of multiple partners to validate and confirm the data outside the blockchain before delivering it to the execution of the smart contract.