Blockchain adoption for industrial processes

The adoption of Blockchain technology is growing rapidly and is proving to be very efficient for tracking industrial products.

 Blockchain adoption for industrial processes

Blockchain tracking

The CEO and co-founder of Finboot, Juan Miguel Perez, assured that those companies that are interested in environmental, social and government responsibility initiatives should adopt blockchain technology to communicate the achievements obtained through quantitative metrics that verify their progress and authenticate What companies report.

Many companies have committed to the environmental, social and government objectives but the certainty as to the veracity of their results is very complicated. According to Juan Miguel Perez, this problem could be solved with the implementation of blockchain technology. Perez explained in a blog post that: "Faced with this important challenge, the adoption of technology is crucial for companies to demonstrate that they have complied with their initiatives. And to which of the many available digital technologies should we pay attention when try to measure sustainability goals? The blockchain".

Blockchain technology has already proven to be very efficient for monitoring industrial processes. A clear example is the Repsol energy company, which is currently implementing blockchain technology to track events from its production to reach the final product, all quickly, safely and very economically. According to Perez, blockchain technology offers a lot of potential and I explain: "Using the blockchain to verify transparency in a way that no other digital technology can, companies will drastically improve their sustainability credentials and reporting procedures."