BitMEX in the spotlight

The well-known and controversial exchange based on Bitcoin derivatives, Bitmex, is news again. The company has long been accused of manipulating the price of Bitcoin to liquidate the positions of its users. A clearly fraudulent activity.

 BitMEX in the spotlight

Today, Friday, November 1, 2019, Bitmex has released a statement acknowledging that thousands of user data from the platform have been leaked. The company ensures that it is taking measures to determine the severity of the problem, especially to understand the amount and sensitivity of the data that has been leaked.

In the statement, the company said: "Our team has acted immediately to contain the problem and we are taking steps to understand the scope of the impact. Rest assured that we are doing everything possible to identify the root cause of the failure and we We will contact the users affected by the problem. The privacy of our users is a priority and we are very sorry for the concern this has caused to our users. BitMEx."

It is assumed that the filtered data are the email addresses of the users, which does not seem like a big problem but we must remember that a simple email address can be a great tool for hackers and scammers.


Great care!