Bitcoin transaction volume exceeds VISA

The adoption of Bitcoin is growing by leaps and bounds and according to Cryptorank metrics it has already exceeded 462 times the volume of transactions of the important VISA company.

Bitcoin transaction volume exceeds VISA

According to the graph, the volume of BTC transactions averages USD 41,615 while the leading payment processor VISA averages USD 90.00. In turn, Bitcoin transaction volume numbers exceed the volume of Paypal and Mastercard by 301 times.

Bitcoin also surpasses Paypal and Mastercard

The measurements on the transaction rate suggest that Bitcon has surpassed the electronic payment company Paypal by 707 times. Paypal is the most popular electronic payment company in the world and one of the direct competitors of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular; However, Bitcoin and blockchain technology suggest that in the end the victory will be yours.

Recently Paypal has restricted the use of its platform for the payment of services of the adult entertainment site PornHub, which further promotes the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. In the case of PornHub users, many have migrated to the Verge cryptocurrency as a means of payment within the platform, increasing the level of transactions up to 33%.