Bitcoin reaches 10k

Bitcoin reaches USD 10,000 and optimism increases within the crypto community. There are few who still believe that Bitcoin could have a large decline in its price, on the contrary almost all analysts agree that we are facing the beginning of a bull market for Bitcoin.

 Bitcoin reaches 10k

The beginning in the 10k

This February 9, 2020, the price of Bitcoin has again exceeded the significant resistance of USD 10,000. Many analysts agree that the arrival of Bitcoin at USD 10,000 is a key psychological event for the price of Bitcoin, however most consider it the beginning of a much higher price increase. Analyst Willy Woo commented on his official Twitter account: "This break is the real deal. The fundamental investment activity is supporting this $ 10,000 break."

The co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, has a very optimistic view with the price of Bitcoin. In his official Twitter account, he commented: "Bitcoin has just reached $ 10,000. I still think that Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 at the end of December 2021. Fixed supply. Increased demand. Time will tell."

Coinbase is optimistic too

On the official Twitter account of Coinbase, they began promoting Bitcoin as "digital gold." In a series of publications they explained the reasons why they affirm that Bitcoin has great potential for the future, as well as to compare Bitcoin with gold. Among the main reasons Coinbase explained are the next halving in the Bitcoin network that will reduce the supply rate and encourage shortages. Coinbase said Bitcoin even has an advantage over gold: it is transferable through a communications channel, so its acquisition is easier than acquiring physical gold.

Coinbese concluded with a publication in which he says: "Armed with a myriad of technological advantages, accelerating development and maturing the global market, Bitcoin is a store of value to rival gold in the digital age."