Bitcoin generations will inherit USD 70 billion very soon

Almost USD 70 billion will be inherited by millennials who look forward to Bitcoin (BTC).

 Bitcoin generations will inherit USD 70 billion very soon

The inheritance of the "Boomers"

The "#OKBoomer" Twitter hashtag has become a tool to differentiate old and new investors. On social networks, Bitcoin enthusiasts claim that traditional investors who invest in gold and stocks do not have the will to adopt cryptocurrencies.

However, there is hope for new investors. Coinshares, the digital asset management firm, has published a report in which they assure that those people who grew up with Bitcoin will soon inherit savings that have an approximate value of three times the GDP of the United States, so it is assumed that everything That money invested in traditional assets will be transported to new assets such as Bitcoin.

According to Coin Dance data, 50% of Bitcoin holders are people between 25 and 34 years old. Coinshares suggests that this demographic group will inherit in the next few years an approximate USD 68.4 billion from previous generations that do not have in their plans to invest in new digital assets.