Bitcoin beats Bitcoin Cash according to Tony Vays

Tony Vays, a former Wall Street merchant says that, with the help of the Lightning Network, the Bitcoin network is faster, cheaper and safer than the Bitcoin Cash network.

Bitcoin beats Bitcoin Cash according to Tony Vays

BCH scalability

Bitcoin Cash emerges as a possible solution to the problem of Bitcoin scalability: the objective of Bitcoin Cash is to make transfers faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. To achieve its goal, the block size was increased to 8 MB, unlike the Bitcoin blockchain that is 1 MB in size per block. But the unfavorable part of increasing the size of the blocks is that the network is more centralized since the larger the block is, the larger the Blockchain will be and it will be more difficult to execute a network node for an average user.

However, Bitcoin Cash is not the only solution posed to the problem of scalability. The Lightning Network is one of the most promising options to achieve the objective of fast and cheap transactions within the Bitcoin network. The reason Lightning Network improves the speed and cost of Bitcoin transactions is because the exchanges that Lightning Network involves do not update to the original Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is already better than Bitcoin Cash

Tone Vays, a Bitcoin analyst and former Wall Street trader, posted on his official Twitter an opinion stating that the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC) is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to make transfers. Many users of the crypto community have criticized the project known as Bitcoin Cash by stating that it is only a copy of the Bitcoin software to which small changes were made to the original code and that copying the name "Bitcoin" is just a strategy to deceive to unsuspecting users.

The creator of the Megaupload site, Kim DotCom, posted on his twitter: "The numerous sites I created had over a billion users. I know what it takes to bring a billion users to crypto and I'll have a role in making that happen. The time has come to bring crypto to the masses. The corrupt and outdated financial system has to go."

In response to the tweet published by Kim DotCom, Vays made a post in which he explains: "I did my best to explain to KimDotcom that LN on top of Bitcoin is already faster and cheaper than BCH and will surely be ready for a billion users in one or two years. I also explained how BTC is the ONLY secure / decentralized payment solution. Now it's up to its developers to make the link."