Bitcoin ATMs grow

During 2018, approximately 1,900 Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in different countries around the world, thus achieving a 50% increase over the previous year.

Bitcoin ATMs grow

The data was provided by Coin ATM Radar and many analysts suggest that this great growth is the clearest evidence that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is an irreversible fact as well as, obviously, the success of the new technologies associated with them.

What are the countries that have the most Bitcoin ATMs?

The country with the most Bitcoin ATMs in the world is the United States, with a total of 76.3% of the existing Bitcoin ATMs to date. The European region concentrates 19.7% and is followed by the Asian region with 2.3%. Below we have the Latin American region that accumulates 1.1% of Bitcoin ATMs, which is a very large paradox since several studies suggest that Latin American countries are the ones that use cryptocurrencies most as a means of daily transactions, as it is the case of Venezuela with the Dash cryptocurrency.

Although the rates are relatively high (between 5% and 20%), the positive thing is the speed of the transactions. Users can convert Bitcoin into "fiat" money and vice versa in a matter of minutes, encouraging the daily use of cryptocurrencies. However, although adoption continues to grow, it is still believed that most people who buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, etc.) do so for investment or savings purposes and not to use them as a usual means of payment. This may be because prices are still very volatile.

The important thing is that more and more signals are given that direct this whole story to a single path: adoption.