Bakkt: good news!

The platform that has been talked about so much in recent months, Bakkt, has launched a new announcement: they are working to launch a Bitcoin options contract to the market that will be based on their monthly Bitcoin futures. Undoubtedly, an announcement that injects optimism into the market since it is expected that this type of financial instruments will attract more investors and that the price of Bitcoin will finally give us that old "rally" towards the old USD 20,000.

 Bakkt: good news!

Who made the announcement was CEO Kelly Loeffler who said: "The new contract is based on customer feedback and is designed to hedge or gain bitcoin exposure, generate income, and offer cost and capital efficiencies."

Speaking of dates...

It is estimated that the Bitcoin options contract will start operating on December 9, 2019 (will it be a new December bullish?). On the official Twitter account, they launched a tweet affirming that “The Bakkt Bitcoin Options contract will be based on the benchmark Bakkt Monthly Bitcoin Futures contract and represents another important step in developing this asset class for institutional investors”.

Also the CME Group, the great competition of Bakkt, has already announced that it will launch a Bitcoin options contract in early 2020, due to high customer demand. Undoubtedly, all the conditions begin to exist so that investors begin to see in the Bitcoin market a great opportunity to invest and obtain high returns, perhaps the price we must pay for this is a great price volatility but that without any doubt will have an upward trend in the medium and long term.