A censored interview in China was posted on the Ethereum blockchain

The COVID-19 problem continues to escalate globally and China has reportedly censored an interview in which a Dr. claims to have warned authorities about the virus in December last year.

 A censored interview in China was posted on the Ethereum blockchain

China's censorship

The worldwide problem caused by COVID-19 continues to grow and China would be censoring all the information circulating online related to the virus. A South China Morning Post journalist, Sarah Zheng, has claimed that she was able to break through the barriers of censorship thanks to the use of the blockchain. The journalist would have used the Ethereum blockchain network to broadcast an interview with a doctor from Wuhan in which she reports the serious situation that China is going through.

On her official Twitter account, Zheng explained that Dr. Ai's words were safely stored and posted on the Ethereum blockchain, making any censorship the Chinese Communist Party intends to impose impossible. The article had already been censored in the media controlled by the Chinese government like WeChat. Dr. Ai explains in the interview that in December of last year tests had been carried out on a patient who had been diagnosed with a new coronavirus and that Dr. Ai herself began to warn other doctors about the potential danger that it would bring about the population. Ai explains that after his warnings, he was severely reprimanded by the Chinese authorities.

The very hospital where Dr. Ai works applied disciplinary measures against her after alerting the doctors about the precautions that should be taken against the virus. Today China has officially registered more than 3,150 deaths and 81,000 infected, however these data may not be entirely correct since the Communist Party of China, as demonstrated by the interview with Dr. Ai, usually uses the censorship as part of its policies.